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Night Scan Provides Lighting Solution for East Wayne FD

Will-Burt Case Study

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The East Wayne Fire District is a two station, part-time volunteer fire department based in Dalton, Ohio. The department serves roughly 66 square miles in both Wayne and Stark counties. They handle about 700 calls a year and respond to fire, EMS and rescue situations, as well as conduct fire safety inspections and fire prevention classes in local schools.


East Wayne was dealing with equipment that was outdated and non-efficient. While the equipment was good at the time it was purchased, it couldn’t match up with newer technologies and the department knew it was time to upgrade. Budget was a factor in decision making, and they needed the ability to thoroughly understand the benefits of new equipment before approving a purchase.

The Solution:

Will-Burt worked with East Wayne by first allowing them to demo new lighting solutions to get a hands-on look at how technology has advanced. The ability of department members to see the drastic changes in rescue lighting over the years helped them to understand how new lighting could benefit their efforts. They ultimately purchased a KME Rescue with two Night Scan light towers for their department.

East Wayne immediately noticed positive results from their purchase. Each scene is now a well-lit, more secure place for both the rescue teams and their victims. Without the lighting, the area would be darker and rescue efforts could take longer. It also helps them find potential hazards much faster, which helps with efficiency and overall safety for rescuers.

The department is so happy with the new lighting; they have outfitted other rescue trucks with Night Scan light towers from Will-Burt. Learn more about how Night Scan by Will-Burt can help improve your fire department by contacting us.

The results we are seeing are fantastic…

Kyle Nussbaum, East Wayne Fire