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ImageCoupled to this innovative swivel/handle assembly, the WL-X-9 work light is one of the most versatile utility fixtures on the markeFT-WL-X-20FT-WL-X-12FT-WL-X-9FT-WL-X-4FT-WL3500
LEDs9 x 7W CREE20 x 7W CREE12 x 7W CREE9 x 7W CREE5 x 7W CREE4 x 3W CREE7 x 5W CREE
Raw Lumens7,20016,0009,6007,2004,0002,0003,500
Effective Lumens*5,73411,2706,6975,7343,3059501,981
Opt. Housing ColorsBlack or WhiteBlack or WhiteBlack or WhiteBlack or WhiteBlack or WhiteBlack or WhiteBlack or White
OPT. Beam PatternsSpot, Flood, ComboSpot, Flood, ComboSpot, Flood, ComboSpot, Flood, ComboSpot, Flood, ComboFloodSpot, Flood, Combo
Dimensions4.46” x 10.13” x 3.71”9.37” x 6.59” x 4.13”6.06” x 5.24” x 3.54”5.71” x 5.12” x 3.33”3.94” x 4.57” x 2.95”3.54” x 3.54” x 2.32”N/A
Amp Draw (@12V)5.26A11.66A7.0A5.26A2.9A1.0A2.9A
Input Voltage9-32V DC9-32V DC9-32V DC9-32V DC9-32V DC9-32V DC9-32V DC
ConnectorDeutsch DT04-2P
Deutsch DT04-2PDeutsch DT04-2PDeutsch DT04-2PDeutsch DT04-2PDeutsch DT04-2PDeutsch DT04-2P
EMC ApprovalCISPR25 Class 1 / CE
CISPR25 Class 1 / CECISPR25 Class 1 / CECISPR25 Class 1 / CECISPR25 Class 1 / CECISPR25 Class 1 / CECISPR25 Class 1 / CE
Vibration Rating21.2 GRMS21.2 GRMS21.2 GRMS21.2 GRMS21.2 GRMS21.2 GRMS15.6 GRMS
2D DrawingWhat really makes the WL-X-9 stand out from it’s siblings is that just a single fixture of this light is NFPA compliant at the tip of an aerial.The entire WL-X range has been built and tested to comply with these new measurement standards, and we’re happy to share the results of those tests with the world!Service life of the average Fire apparatus in the US is 25 years.  The WL-X fixtures were designed with technology to support an extremely long service life; from patented Prime Drive electronic thermal management system to ultra-quiet CISPR 25 driver circuitry, even our IP68 and IP69 rated housings, these fixtures were designed to last.In 2016 the NFPA 1901 standard moved to define how “Lumens” were to be measured.  In the most simple terms, this change requires manufacturers to test fully assembled fixtures in a light tunnel before taking actual measurements AFTER the fixture has been “burned in” to its maximum operating temperature.  It also requires device manufacturers to make the results of their test available upon request.The WL-X Range of products was specifically designed for use by OEM Fire Apparatus integrators.  We know every fire truck is a bit different, with the WL-X range, you can attach either of the 2 supplied mounting brackets to the fixture, in up to 5 different locations.  The fixtures are designed with threaded mounting ports on all faces to allow expansion or adoption to fit your needs.The FireTech WL-X range is a premium lighting offering designed specifically for use in the Fire and Emergency vehicle markets.The Firetech lineup from Hiviz LEDs includes a complete range of Work and Utility LED lights. Put these fixtures to work in nearly any setting and you’ll be impressed by the outstanding light output, diverse mounting configurations, minimal amp draw, and durable housing
Photometric ReportDownload .pdfDownload .pdfDownload .pdfDownload .pdfDownload .pdfN/ADownload .pdf

*“Effective Lumens” are based on the average measured total luminous flux seen per chip of this range. Actual test results for each assembled fixture are available on request per NFPA 1901
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