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If you’re located anywhere in the continental U.S., please contact us to discuss your current projects and schedule a future demo.

More light on the scene means more safety for your crew. Plus, our light towers come standard with positioners that allow you to aim the light wherever you need it, regardless of the truck position. Compare for yourself how much more light a Night Scan tower can provide vs. standard truck lighting. Call us to schedule a demo at your location and we’ll go head-to-head against your truck scene lights.
What’s Included in a Demo

We have Regional Sales Managers located throughout the country (several of whom are fire fighters themselves) demonstrating the advantages of light towers and how to choose the right lighting unit for your needs.

We will arrive at your location with one of our most advanced demo trucks, each equipped with a range of Night Scan and Firetech light units. Our RSM will demonstrate how each tower unit is operated, stowed and extended as well as how to determine the best light for your department based on truck size & type, budget, and types of response calls.

During the demo, you’ll be able to see how much more light a Night Scan tower will add to the scene compared to standard truck lighting. Light towers will ensure a much safer and more productive work environment for your crew because of the additional light available and the ability to position the light anywhere regardless of where your truck is.

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