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AntennaMast Model AM2

The AntennaMast model AM2 is a man-portable, aluminum tripod mast designed for ease of use while delivering payload deployment flexibility and rugged reliability. The AntennaMast is well-suited for elevating up to four antennas and sensors. For additional information, visit the official AntennaMast website or contact Will-Burt today for more information.

Essential Features

  • Quick set-up
    • Includes a tripod with two (2) built-in levels and large no-slip adjustment knobs that are easy to operate with gloved hands. Interlocking mast tubes deliver fast assembly and tear-down.
  • Flexible
    • A variety of payload adaptors and elevation accessories are available to accomplish diverse missions.
  • Ease of use
    • No tools or special training needed for deployment.
  • Durable
    • Components are constructed of aluminum and stainless steel and are covered by a two (2) year warranty.
  • Complete System
    • AM2 system includes all components needed to safely deploy rated payload at selected height.
  • Transportable
    • Rugged wheeled transport bag designed for fast unloading and loading.
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