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Extended Deployment Masts

Pneumatic Locking Ultra
Heavy-Duty Telescoping Masts

High payload capacity with shorter nested height.

The Ultra Heavy-Duty Pneumatic Mast with Locking Collars delivers an unparalleled combination of strength and rigidity in a design that delivers the performance of a hydraulic mast at less weight and without the need for environmentally dangerous fluids.

The Ultra Heavy-Duty mast was specifically designed for mobile communications providing better unguyed performance at lower nested heights – eliminating the need for an expensive tilt system.

Essential Features

  • Strong
    • Elevates heavier loads with greater wind sail area
    • Greater unguyed performance
  • Fast & Efficient
    • Lower nested height eliminates the need for costly and complicated tilt systems
    • Easier to deploy in urban areas
    • Safe long-term deployment with easy to operate positive locking pins
  • Reliable
    • 5 year manufacturer warranty
    • No maintenance required
    • No hydraulic fluid concerns
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