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The Will-Burt Company Will Attend AUSA in Washington, D.C

For additional information, contact:
David Cotsmire, VP of Marketing and Customer Service
330-684-5282 (office) or 330-347-6745 (mobile)

AUSA LogoCome see us at AUSA October 3-5 at booth 1047 to learn about how our masts and security software, LINX, can better serve your military needs.

Will-Burt masts are very versatile and can be used for on-the-move survalience, payload lifting and more. LINX takes all of your security data and translates in into effective and usable information, so you’re always informed about what’s happening at your site.

We are excited to attend one of the top military trade shows in the U.S. and educate attendees about the benefits of Will-Burt products.