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June, 2011: The Will-Burt Company Celebrates its 25th Anniversary as an Employee Owned Company

For additional information, contact:
David Cotsmire, VP of Marketing and Customer Service
330-684-5282 (office) or 330-347-6745 (mobile)

The Will-Burt Company is celebrating its 25th year as an Employee Owned Company. Will-Burt employees have been participating in the Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) since its inception on December 31, 1985. Will-Burt will be holding a celebration for its employees and retirees on June 16, 2011 with a special recognition for over 60 employees who have participated in the ESOP for all 25 years.

A short history of the Will-Burt Company since becoming an ESOP…

1990’s – The Night Scan line of emergency light towers begins to set the standard in vehicle-mounted emergency lighting. Contract manufacturing work for Caterpillar and Volvo begins to steadily increase in addition to contracts with Gerlach and Phoenix Mold & Die. Will-Burt receives the ISO 9001 designation for quality in 1994. A 140,000 square foot expansion is added to the 401 Collins Blvd. plant in Orrville. Operations and equipment from the South Main Street and West Pine Street plants were consolidated in the new facilities at the Industrial Park, Plant 2000. The South Main Street plant is sold to Rite-Aid. The plant next to the Orrville Chamber of Commerce is sold to Brown Furniture. Dennis Donahue becomes president. Will-Burt begins turnkey manufacturing of safes, vault doors, teller drawers and weapons cabinets for Mosler Securities. The company acquires Accurate Electronics of North Ridgeville, Ohio. The acquisition provides the production of printed circuit boards for turnkey security sales, in addition to a line of dockside power pedestals.

Late 90’s / Early 2000’s – Jeffrey Evans is named president. Tri-Ex Tower Corporation is purchased, which includes the mechanical screw-drive mast. Mosler Securities goes bankrupt, with Diebold Corporation purchasing their assets. Will-Burt begins manufacturing GSA and bank products for Diebold Corporation. Will-Burt is awarded with the State of Ohio Governor’s Exporter of the Year in 2004.

2007 – The Will-Burt Company purchases Antenna Mast Incorporated to expand its line of telescoping masts. These portable tri-pod masts can be deployed by a single user. Will-Burt expands globally, setting up operations in the UK and Singapore.

2008 – The Will-Burt Company celebrates its 90th Anniversary.

2010 – The Will-Burt Company acquires Integrated Tower Systems of Tulsa, Oklahoma adding mobile tower trailers to its portfolio of payload elevation solutions. Later in 2010, Will-Burt acquires Alkan Shelter, LLC, marking its entry into the shelter industry with a leading-edge, all composite line of products. The company moves operations from Fairbanks, Alaska to a newly-established facility in Orrville, Ohio.

The Will-Burt Company, located in Orrville, Ohio, is an employee-owned company that manufactures pneumatic and mechanical telescoping masts and towers for industries such as fire and rescue, military, cellular, broadcast and other specific custom applications with an ISO 9001:2008 certified quality system. Will-Burt capabilities include integration of its masts to military vehicles and design and manufacture of military and other shelters made of all-composite materials.