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September, 2012: HGH Infrared Systems and The Will-Burt Company Create 360 degree Mobile Mast Situational Awareness Solution

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David Cotsmire, VP of Marketing and Customer Service
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HGH Infrared Systems and The Will-Burt Company will be demonstrating their combined efforts in a 360 degree mobile mast situational awareness solution at Modern Day Marine and AUSA. Will-Burt is the producer of the COBRA™, a self-contained, low profile, direct electric drive telescopic mast. The COBRA™ provides a stable, elevated platform for communications antenna and surveillance sensors. It can be mounted on a vehicle, trailer or placed in the field and the extremely low retracted height makes it useful in a variety of applications.

HGH’s Infrared Systems’ IR Revolution™ 360 provides automated intrusion detection and tracking over 360 degree, detecting a vehicle at up to 5km distance. Its fast frame rate and unique panoramic capabilities ensure powerful Wide Area Surveillance (WAS) through visual real-time night and day simultaneous visualization of an unlimited number of targets. With HGH’s IR Revolution™ 360 secured atop the mast, the system provides complete 360 degree perimeter surveillance perfect for covert operations, Special Forces missions or border patrol mobile surveillance.

HGH and Will-Burt will be demonstrating the technology at two upcoming defense industry shows. Modern Day Marine, which takes place September 25-27 in Quantico Virginia at the Marine Corps Base will be the first joint effort. They will also be displaying at the AUSA show at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, DC October 22-25 this year.

About HGH Infrared Systems

Founded in 1982, HGH designs, develops, assembles and sells complete high end optronics systems for security, industrial and civil applications. HGH’s team of highly qualified engineering team is comprised of experts in optics, software, mechanics and electronics and operates in the US out of Boston, MA. HGH strives to provide advanced and innovative infrared equipment to protect their clients all around the world, while keeping the agility and dedication of a small and passionate team. Speed, flexibility, technical excellence and innovation constitute their core values. HGH has established itself as an international reference for infrared technology innovation through the development of multiple advanced infrared sensors, among which its award-winning real-time 360 degree infrared camera, the IR Revolution™ 360 – 2008 Product of the Year from Photonics Tech Briefs, 2010 Innovation Prize from the EuroNaval Committee, 2011 Kummerman Award from the French Academy of Marine, 2012 GovSec Platinum Award.

About Will-Burt

The Will-Burt Company, located in Orrville, Ohio, is the world’s premier manufacturer of telescoping mast and tower elevation solutions – the world’s one stop shop offering virtually every payload elevation solution from one source – for military, fire, cellular, broadcast, entertainment and other applications. Will-Burt also designs and manufactures military and other shelters made of all-composite materials that deliver higher performance at lower life cycle cost than metal or partial composite shelters. Will-Burt is employee-owned and has a strong commitment to the continuous improvement process set forth by ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.